The Hosts

What do you get when you mix an Arsenal Fan and face for Radio, with a Liverpool fan, and another face for Radio...

...the worst punchline, but a brilliant idea (if we do say so ourselves).

Together, we, have created PitchTALKS. PitchTALKS is predominately a sports career podcast aimed at supporting people's journeys into chasing a dream, and getting a 'foot in the door' to kickstart a career in sport. Through our own personal ambitions and challenges, getting into sport is by no means easy, and information on exactly how to get into the industry is by no means easy either. 

So with that in mind, we set out to to right those wrongs, to make advice easily accessible and to make that dream a little easier to come by.

Mitch Parris

Founder of PitchTALKS. "People often say I talk too much, so may as well put it to good use! If we can help at least 1 person find their way into doing a job they love, then as far as I'm concerned...that's a good job done"

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Sam Wheeler

The Liverpool fan (Sam wanted to state). When it comes to sport, 'jack of all trades, master of none' would be a fair assessment. With a love for all sports, and a glimpse of a career in England Handball, he joins the PitchTALKS team to help others have their opportunity.

Beige Polaroid Comparison Father's Day I