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Our chat with Sports Broadcaster, Anne-Marie Batson

Series 3 of PitchTALKS has begun, and what a great first episode it is with Anne-Marie Batson. Sharing her compelling stories and career advice in Broadcasting, Hosting & Producing.

Last week, we kicked off our third series of The PitchTALKS Podcast with a bang, accompanied by special guest, Anne-Marie Batson.

Sam & Mitch were very excited to have Anne-Marie on and spoke to her about how she came into the industry and the hard work she put in to be where she is today, in her various roles as a presenter, reporter, journalist and building her own social media empire.

“It’s been a bit of a long road to get to where I am, and I say to people I don’t think I’ve really scratched the surface of how far I can go with it. When I was 11, I really wanted to be an actor, I loved doing drama at school, I did amateur dramatics and harassed my parents to go to stage school which my Dad said no to constantly.”

Things started to change for Anne-Marie when she took Media Studies as a GCSE subject whilst at school. She fell in love with subject and got better grades media studies than she did drama.

She did wonder if she would get the opportunities at the time, as there was not a lot of representation of young black women in the media.

So, Anne-Marie went on to study media at both sixth form and university, with the goal then to be a presenter.

After a little while, Anne-Marie fell out of love with the industry, due to various reasons such as the brutality of the sport industry, the politics of it and the lack of money.

Anne-Marie decided she wanted something a bit more substantial and proper as she wanted to save for a house and be a bit more stable, so she got a 9-5 job at a railway company as communications manager.

While she was at this job, she always had something about working for herself in the back of her mind and it “never went away.” It was the 2012 London Olympics that gave Anne-Marie inspiration again as she had been working on the travel side of things for the games while they were planning it.

Anne-Marie did explain it was not all plain sailing and easy, though. As she explained after she finished her A-Levels, she did not get the grades she wanted. Which made her feel burnt out in terms of education.

Because of this, she felt that she wanted to take a year off to recharge and come back to university. Which her parents were less than pleased about, to say the very least.

However, they reluctantly agreed, and Anne-Marie went on to partake in a secretary course, which would be one of the best decisions she had ever made in terms of her journalistic skills. She learned how to touch type, transcribe interviews correctly and write in shorthand, all very key skills to be a successful journalist. With these skills, by the time she got to university she found that it was a lot easier for her to complete assignments and dissertations.

As well as this, Sam and Mitch chatted to Anne-Marie about all kinds of things like the importance of work experience, building her own media empire, a day in the life of professional sports reporter, career advice for young people on where to begin, and much more!

This podcast really starts series 3 off with aplomb, if you want to listen to the whole podcast on Spotify, you can do here. There is much more coming from Sam & Mitch, with a lot more guests on the way and something new to learn about every episode.

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