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Schalke EGGS-spelled from German topflight - Nima Ghavami

FC Schalke have been relegated from the Bundesliga for the first time in 33 years.

The 2018 league runners up fate was sealed after they lost 1-0 to fellow strugglers Arminia Bielefeld on Tuesday leaving them with just 13 points.

Bielefield’s captain Fabian Klos’s strike in the 50th minute proved to be the match winner and confirmed the fate of Schalke to the second division.

After returning to Schalke in the early hours of Wednesday morning the squad was met by 600 angry fans at their own stadium after departing the team bus.

"Once the team arrived and stepped off the bus there were severe protests," Gelsenkirchen police said in a statement. "Eggs were thrown at the players, who were also verbally attacked."

A video emerged on social media later, showing several fans chasing after some of the players on foot when they stepped off the bus.

Additionally, fans had already started lighting off fireworks and flares near the famous stadium immediately after the game had ended.

A strong police presence on site was mobilised to avoid any escalation.

"While there is understandable frustration and anger for the relegation, the club will never accept it when the physical integrity of its players and staff is put in danger," Schalke said.

“The club sharply condemns this behaviour and naturally supports its staff.”

In response to the incident, Schalke said some "unidentified individuals clearly stepped over lines that are non-negotiable".

Schalke whose nickname is the Royal Blues are one of the biggest clubs in the country with a massive contingent of fans.

The clubs fanbase is one of the strongest in the country with the side typically drawing more than 60,000 fans to their home games.

However, this campaign has been one of the worst in the club’s history with the team only managing to win two out of 30 matches this season.

The club have also been chopping and changing their manager this season which has not had the positive effect they were hoping for.

The club have gone through five coaches in this campaign, which has led the team to concede 76 goals, more than any other team in an entire season since 2000.

Current manager Dimitrios Grammozis who took the job in March confessed it was a sad night for the whole club. “This is a very bitter hour for all Schalke supporters,” the manager admitted. “We are brutally disappointed that we now know for certain that we have to go to the second division.

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