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Becoming the Director of Sky Sports - The Complete Guide

Updated: Jan 6

Ever wondered what it takes to become the Director of one of the leading broadcast stations in the country? Then you're in the right place. This guide has a variety of resources devoted to teaching you how to get a career in sport within TV Directing.

As part of PitchTALKS, we focus on delivering you compelling stories and advice on how to work in sport. This article is focused on what it takes to become the Director of Sky Sports and/or a Freelance Television Director. Whether you want to listen to the podcast, or read the transcript, simple click the link below, grab a pen & paper and start planning your journey into a career in sport.

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Prefer something to read? We have the full transcript available for you. We have broken it into 3 parts so you can get to the bit that interests you most:

Chapter 1

Getting into Television Production , The Director of Sky Sports Role & How Technology has Developed Broadcasting Capabilities

Chapter 2

Greatest Moments Witnessed whilst Being a Sports Director at Sky Sports & Freelance Director

Chapter 3

Career Advice: Getting into TV Directing and Broadcasting

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