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What it's like to be an upcoming Sports Journalist?

Third year Sports Journalist at Solent University, Jack Mayo has given a character profile of himself. What got him into the industry, where he wants to be in the future, what he loves doing in the industry and what it is like to spend his graduate year in the COVID world.

I grew up loving football, from around 4 years old I have loved football and everything to do with football. The only difference with me is, beside the fact I loved it, I was not very good at it! When I was around 14, I was sat with Stepdad and I had always been good at English and writing during school.

So, my Stepdad said: “what about journalism or something like that?”. Since then, that had stuck, and I knew that would be a good career for myself and would be something I would enjoy.

When I started my A Levels, I went to an applicant day at Solent and instantly thought that this is the place I wanted to go to. It was very modern, and the facilities were fantastic and industry standard. So, I always knew that Solent was my first-choice university when I went there for that applicant day.

The last two and a half years have been a fantastic learning curve for the most part. I feel I have improved immensely since I started and I’m looking forward to taking that into the industry when I graduate next summer.

I think the dream for me in the future would be, having my own podcast. I’d love it to be my job, to earn a living interviewing and chatting with the most interesting people in the world, both inside and outside the sporting world. That would be the biggest dream for me, I think.

I love podcasts and listen to them often and love how they work, and they help very much with a man’s mental health I think personally so I feel it would be a dream to help people by doing them in the future as well.

I feel that in the next 1-3 years, getting into the industry will be harder than ever. With COVID it’ll be different for everyone to find a job in their desired industry. I feel that it may be slightly easier to get a job as a journalist as you can do writing stories and sourcing interviews from home if need be. But I do understand the challenge ahead when getting into the industry, not jus with COVID and the current climate of the world, but the fact there are thousands of universities in the UK and there is a chance that many journalism students from different universities will be up for jobs that I am going for. So, it will be tough.

Same can be said for online learning, some people do find it difficult to learn online rather than face-to-face. So, there are different challenges in this current learning atmosphere, and I don’t see that changing for the time being, so it is down to us as students to adapt and change with the times that we live in.

I feel that we are fortunate in the journalism industry, as it is an extremely versatile job. So we can look into any form of jobs, whether it be TV, radio, in front of camera, behind the scenes, there are many different jobs to be able to get into so I do feel ultimately we have a silver lining in that respect.

I’m looking forward to what my future brings.

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